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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-11-22

Monday November 22nd 70° and sunny
Dave and I worked outdoors most of day. He dug Iris pseudacorus out of pool. It was taking over. And planted most of it down by pond. Used push mower to mow around pond and “de-gas” it for winter storage (I didn’t get all). Used leaf blower vacuum to clean up leaves across Road. Picked up stones and pieces pieces of cement block along road by shack. Then policed the whole quarter mile of roadway. 2 (tractor) trailer loads. Told Dave seemed to me he was trying to make up for work he didn’t do while he lived here! I packed while we worked. Dave spent more time in attic. Says I have a lot of treasures. Picked Mary up and we had dinner together at Perkins. They headed for Columbus to spend night and catch 6 a.m. to San Diego. Miss them!