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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-11-04

Thursday November 4th up at 7 Sunny 51°
Royce arrived at 8:15 to help with basement shelves. Wenig’s men arrived at 8 a.m. with Scott and Fred’s already working. By 9 the air conditioner was moved down by rec room door and landscapers had arrived. Hardly room to park. I went to Marion about 9:30 to pay Nu-Supply for tile and carpet and picked up tile. Unloaded trash at Hemmerly’s. Deposited $5,000 check from National City Agency Fund (Howard) at Marion Bank. To Lowe’s and bought side light with motion sensor and handleset with deadbolt for rec room door. 2 split rails to repair fence. To Meijer for VHS digital tape. Back home about 12:30. Voisards finished moving AC by 1:30. Royce waiting for her check. Don McCoy here to be sure bricklaying going okay and also Rick. They got all bricks laid but need half bricks to fill in at sides. Took a 2-hour nap. To Denzers Funeral Home at 7 for Eleanor’s calling hours. Sarah and Dave there so prim and neat in their black suits. Eleanor so composed. Lots of flowers. Bob and David’s high school friends Ron Snider, John Hix, Gary Geyer, Jay Walker. David and Karen arrived about 7:30 and Josh and Jed about 8 in suits that D&K had dropped off at OSU on their way up here. Bob and Kathi joined us at Tim Hortons for a late supper David fixed all my computer problems.