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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-10-25

Monday October 25th transmittal of funds to prairie Parks foundation
Went to Post Office to pick up mail and the transfer of funds forms from Dreyfus were there so I took to United Bank and Wayne Crum “guaranteed” my signature. Also gave me apples in return for scrap lumber he picked up Saturday. Wrote a letter of transmittal to Prairie Parks Foundation and case for retaining funds in Dreyfus Premier Core value fund. My $6,000 investment starting in 1973 has generated $80[sic] Gave PPF $10,000 and K&D each $5,000. To meeting of Marion County Park commissioners at OSUM library. Resolution passed to accept $10,000 for benefit of Terradise Nature Center. I’m exhausted watch TV search for ancient Nubia.