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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-09-15

Wednesday September 15th
Bath and washed hair. Fed birds, breakfast, watered plants, checked e-mail Kathi and Bob home last night. Wrote to Thelma and Gene Hemmerly and sent new material on Hemmmerlys. Wrote article on Resource Center for Kurt Moore follow-up story on ALS- took it to Star and met Kurt. To Haupt monument and got price on Hemmerly marker $700 plus tax plus $30 delivery. To NuSupply and picked up carpet samples. Picked Mary up and to Tim Hortons for sandwich and cappuccino. To Meijer and picked up three prescriptions $60! Premarin, Fosamax & Celebrex. Home about 7 watched Marion episodes of “American Love Story.” Bill returns to Marion- his son by Connie sentenced for drug-dealing. Church choir with Lois singing solo really great- then Bill pontificates with “No black culture in Marion”- Bill Sims Sr. mentions agent orange at Marion Engineer Depot and dumping barrels.
David called in midst of this -Josh didn’t make OSU marching band fifth try got perfect scores until tonight twisted ankle and couldn’t finish. Got no medical attention!