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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-09-10

Friday September 10th
Transferred photos of Green Springs and Log Cabin Program to computer and printed out collages and individuals. Kensel C called with news that he had found 25 species growing on Green Camp railroad prairie (my gift to MCHS) he and Bob Harter had sowed prairie seed over past 3 years- half of them blooming now. Kensel still mining 1846 tax maps. At Resource Center received call from Richard Rinker of Elon College North Carolina seeking descendants of George Christian Rinker. And call from John Baker of Cleveland- descendant of Eber Baker. He will come down to RC. Sent Rinker info from 1883 and 1907 Marion County histories. Chris Monnier called with info on airing of “An American Love Story” on PBS starting soon. Told me of full page on it in September 5th New York Times art section. Call from Kurt Moore who writing story for Marion Star
To Perkins with two Mary’s. Chatted with Doctor Whitehead and Florence Cosgrove who lived behind us on Park Street. Sent email encouraging Josh on OSU marching band tryout (he didn’t make it for the fifth time!)