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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-08-22

Sunday August 22nd
David and I had walk in woods and prairie- picked apples- watched bumblebee fertilized pistols of Cleome. Then at computer. Taught me to transfer files to folders and to create a chart for Kensels tree study. Refused to use “Total 32 Home Architect” that he brought, but did connect Zip drive to old computer. Said he hadn’t learned Total. They left about 1 p.m. so Josh could pick up DeLorean at Radnor. Mary out to see them. Then she fed me dimensions from Terradise blueprints so I can enter in 3D architect.
Kathi called. Elsie moved to a hospice house. Nurse says probably a week to live. Talked to Bob. He sounded so weak. Melinda Gilpin called- asked me to come to Harding Home Wednesday at 1 p.m. for CNN taping of Harding memories to be aired September 20th.