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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-07-01

July 1st temperature 87 degrees muggy 1” rain

Really put Royce through her paces. Worked with her and really cleaned rec room- she just hits the high spots when she cleans there. Just finished when Margaret Ann arrived. She’s lost so much weight- Helens cancer is taking a lot out of her too. Helen* probably won’t be able to come to wedding.
Haberman’s Minister and three boys arrived at 1:30 with about 20 folding chairs, 2 palms, 2 large pots of ferns. Finally decided on spot with audience facing into woods! After all our work getting the terraces below the house so pretty. Talk to Jennifer’s brother Chris and ??- buddy’s of Darin from Denison University. They live in New York and ??? works at New York Times and considers Brent Staples one of the big shots- Surprised I had worked with him on research in Marion. After they had left thunderstorms with 1” rain. Call from Kathi at 8:30 saying they were at Findlay and would be here in an hour.

*Helen Romine, Ray Romine’s sister-in-law and Margaret-Ann’s mother