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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-06-11

Friday June 11th
Water garden. No one in at Resource Center, got into judge Myers files and found pics of John Jacoby’s cabin taken in 1923 by grandson Elias. So did a family file in Family Tree Maker through J. Wilbur Jacoby’s grandsons. Picked Mary J up and met Mary H at Perkins. Stopped at Meijer for dry eye drops, vitamin e, Oil of Olay Foundation, flat of begonias and more impatiens and some dusty miller. Looked at office furniture at Office Depot.
e-mails from Kathi, Dave and Kristi, none of them feel they would ever want to manage Hemmerly’s but Kathi will vote her stock as I want to. Call from David with same message. Made plans to go to Cincinnati Brass Band and Cincinnati Pops concert on Tuesday. (Not Thurs)