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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-05-29

Saturday May 29th
Set out Elephant Ears that I had started in peat in the greenhouse. One in pot, one by side porch. Moved other half of Summer Fragrance Hostas to patio bed. Watered. In at 12 to Harold Bosch who wanted me to see round balls with holes around them and a tomahawk stone. Had found them in his fields. Gave me a cane. Met Mary at cemetery. Took porch box of geraniums and petunias. She brought me a hamburger to HH for lunch. Found Jacob’s Well file in Charlton Myers material. Also got July 3rd 1937 star Hines article- not factual! But Helen Collin Connelly’s description of finding it is convincing. Home at 3:30 and fixed watermelon to take to Roecker at Heritage House Mount Gilead. June Roecker Lyon’s guest. Louisa Roecker from Germany there and Harald Roecker from Wisconsin translated for us. Served Pizza! Talked to Marie from New Zealand born in India home at 7 p.m. Very tired.