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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-05-02

Sunday May 3rd [sic]
David down by pond watching turtles when I woke up about 9. We had breakfast on the deck. David pulled euonymus off small hickorys and crab down by the river. We drove over off route 100 and dug some silver bells in bloom. The Reinhart girl stopped and talked. She has bought one of the flats 7A laid out along there. Also dug wildflowers in Stafford woods. Planted all this by gazebo. David fixed my Iomega zip drive and cleaned up my desktop on the computer. Then the Mustang wouldn’t start so he could go home. nor when I pushed him. So I went to Meijer and bought jumper cables and weed feed and back to Ralph Boger’s where he parked it. So at 3:45 after an hour he was on his way to Cincinnati.
When I got back to Terradise Marcella Haldeman, Martha custom bader & Mabel were on deck. And Darren McGinnis and Jenny Haberman were coming out of the woods. They were supposed to be here at 1 they want their wedding facing pond. Their photographer was also with them Darren spotted two bats flying. After they left I shared Lu Carhart’s letter with Marcella and friends. They left about 4:30 and I collapsed.