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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-03-16

Tuesday March 16th
Took pics on my new Kodak DC210 and showed them on TV. Mark Soents[?] stopped- son of Sparks meigs[?] bars living in AZ.
Boys had Kathy decorate with clusters of balloons for us. They play well together. K and I pulled wagon to end of street to see conveyors sort rock excavated in area. Kristi & Tony in from staying at Circus Circus 2 nights with friends from Reno- Took family photos. Kathy manages meals somehow, but I know she doesn’t feel well. Holds her stomach. Had a nice talk with Kristy and Tony in living room about their Air Force careers. Tony’s crew chief for plane that maintains other planes just back from Saudi Arabia. Kristy will be cross-trained training to supervise training of others.