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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-02-26

Friday February 26th 2 wood ducks on River
Takes too long to go through 30 to 50 messages on Feederwatch site- same thing over and over but want to put on an inquiry about feeding lard.
Letter from Bob Ferrall he also wrote to Paul You about having Carl Anthony as keynote speaker at local history conference. In at 2 p.m. to meet with Gary Rivers of Marion Online website- he wants me to write for the senior site- I said no- DBY stuff is for all ages- local history deserves a niche of its own one and a half hours.
To Crown Tower across street and bought Lily of Valley glycerin soap for Mary. To HH and Jane had a call from someone who bought 1907 reprint and who found page 551 + 374 reversed.-!!-
To “Something Good” to meet 2 Marys- Mary J concerned that cross Carl [Jordan] made for Trinity will be removed if platform area is renovated- Shopped at Meijers looked at cameras- non unsuitable-