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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-02-16

February 16th incredible day
MCHS Board voted 10 to 4 to proceed immediately with planning and installing elevator as planned since 1990.
9:00 To “Something Good” with three other class of 33 members and their wives Ardess Risch, Bob Keller, Francis Roush- shared George Sifritt’s letter with them.
10:00 To Jack Telfer’s office- Shared my paper on elevator study- He agreed that it should go ahead with money given for it and he and George would raise money for further expansion.
11:00 To Dr. Cloran for teeth cleaning $37.50 stopped by hemmerly’s shop.
12:00 To Le Saon styling for perm $42.50 left car at car wash and vacuum.
2:40 Home- made report and labels for 1907 history distribution sold 54 of 100 ordered.
6:20 Back to Heritage Hall for board meeting- Code of Ethics (reduced and revised) passed- Jack urged immediate start of elevator project.
9:30 Home- Relaxed- opened box of chocolates Mary gave me- Valentine from “Guess Who?”- Letter from Keith Lamb my basket of silk rose scented December 15th just arrived!