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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-02-04

Thursday February 4th
Re-entered all of Monica Loftin’s info on Micron computer. Seems that Hemmerly’s in San Diego area are of the Harold J Hemmerly family (Harold, Joe). Mary out with her income tax material again. I wrote a change of address for her but couldn’t print it out.
e-mail from Dave on ACC Carl Vinson his plane’s motor wouldn’t shut down and they were being held down by “trap” then it caught fire!- but he’s okay- Has flown 11 ½ hours in the last 90 and had lots of legal problems to handle.
Revised Code of Ethics and Calendar 99 and put on disc for R. Carey but also sent by e-mail along with strategic plan.
Kathi called- wants phone number of La Mesa florists to place Dave’s order for one dozen red and one dozen white roses and carnations for Johanna for Valentine’s Day- e-mail from Dave- has flown six times in last 40 hours- last time engine afire while on ship.