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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-01-27

Wednesday January 27th 1999

Into HH for meeting with Jane- she okayed letter to members dues not paid and life members.
Discussed Hallmark articles- had minutes that gave elevator fund as $9,000 instead of $96,000 and HPEF at $156,000 instead of $180,000.
To RC [Resource Center] and made 150 copies of Dues Not Paid letter and 75 Paid Life Members and copied Pride Members application. Call from Fahey Bank wanting 2 copies of After 40 Years so I made invoice and took them over to the bank on my way to upper Sandusky. Met Ray Gottfried at library at 1:30 we had it to ourselves- he has made marvelous family portrait sheets and color copied them.

We discussed Monica Loftin’s lack of follow-through for sending info on Joe Hemmerly’s family – (Josiah? Mactellis).
At 3 we headed NW to his house and he showed me collections of Harley-Davidson mementos and his photo and genealogy file. He has a computer with email now.
Then to Wyandotte County Nursing Home to meet his mother and father aged 97 & 94 Lydia Deyson’s niece & husband (Sanborn’s) were there. Roy had just gotten word that Marjorie Deyson (Hague?) died in May in Florida.- Back to Marion at picked Mary up at 4:45 and to Perkins for dinner- they have new decor.
Left trash at Hemmerly’s and past due letters and labels at Margaret Cottrell- took Mary home. Shopped at Meijer.