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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-10-19

Thursday, October 19, 1989
40° slushy snow
David called- Had 3 in. snow there and it broke elect. [sic]
Ray Foertsch out to fix refrigerator. A leak and plugged plastic pipe. Also pulled glass up in storm doors and helped put storm windows in. Also carried big hibiscus and cacti into greenhouse. $25.
In to Heritage Hall and forgot to pick up Thomas box for MCHS that Dorothy Haynes had ready. Helen Kaufman had folded and stapled and had on desk. Harry and Norm got 60 chairs from Y and had them set up and on Main floor. Bernard getting printing equipment replaced after painting. Ran 60 more newsletters for teachers. Mailed 344 newsletters with help from bulk mail person at post office. To Cottrell’s to pick up $500 check for MCHS from sale of After 40 Years and $163 left from Bicentennial of US Constitution celebration. Gave him letter requesting $3,000 from Heritage Preservation Endowment Fund for Heritage Hall operating and maintenance. To Thomas house to get box but auction in progress. To Mary’s to help her bring 14 sacks of paperbacks down from attic. Had supper at Wendy’s- 99 cent bacon cheeseburger and salad. Shopped at Krogers. Home about 7:00 p.m. Steve Smith called- will be here Monday to start kitchen. Two little black kittens in house. They would take up residence very easily.