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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-10-18

Wednesday, October 18, 1989
Called Dee about noon. Dave called her last night at 12:00 when he got off duty. Ship rolled when quake hit.
Printed labels and updated database. Re-did newsletter to reflect last night’s board meeting actions.
In at 1:00. Quick Print couldn’t have newsletter by tomorrow so took it to Heritage Hall and ran it on copier while I wrote letters. Thanked Steve Jenkins for shelves and stair railings.
Helen Kaufman picked up newsletters to fold. Also sending letters about mortgage and $9.60 a day interest and Heritage Brick program.
Took corrections on page one of Transformation Fund to Brad Smith.
Ate chili at Wendy’s then took rest of newsletter to Helen. They shared pumpkin pie and coffee with me and had nice visit about House on a Rock in wisconsin.
Exhausted! to bed at 8:40
Cashed $5,000 CD and put in checking account for remodeling.