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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-10-12

Thursday, October 12, 1989
74° Sunny gorgeous color on trees.
Spent whole day at computer- cleaned up MCHS database. Wrote MCHS newsletter (how about Hallmarks for a name?) Telfer wrote several articles. Practiced using WordStar 5.5- column format is great! Nothing to it- easy.
Only time for a quick walk to enjoy mums, late asters, leaves.
Took a bath and washed hair- 3 gallons of water (the good old days). Voissard Plumbing men here at 8:30. Found a valve in the line between pump and pressure tank wasn’t working and that kept the water pumped from the well from coming into the house. So great to have running water!
Tried to eat dinner on the deck but too many yellow jackets.