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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-10-11

Wednesday, October 11, 1989
Breakfast with David and then he loaded my SRC computer and monitor and the printer and took to Heritage Hall and installed them. I stopped by post office and mailed the Huber membership renewal notifications.
At Heritage Hall copied materials for executive committee meeting at 3:00- ethics for trustees to adopt. Contract between MCHS and Wyandot Popcorn Museum. Copy for transformation fund and Heritage brick sale and inevitable agenda.

David back to Terradise and cleared up printer problem for me. To Boyd’s about 1:00 for Melba Walker’s funeral. Sat with Jerry Ballinger and David. Large room completely filled. Sprague’s service made me feel as if I had had a visit with Melba. David left immediately to get back to Cincinnati to play at Sawyer’s point at 5:30. Gave me a special hug. I gave him a check for Terradise Computer Systems to buy a new faster computer and he’s running out of memory on his others.
Back to Heritage Hall for intensive executive committee meeting. George Brown there to discuss contract. Asked for a loan of July 3rd Rotograve section Marion Star with Etowah.