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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-08-23

Wednesday, August 23, 1989
In to Heritage Hall, leaving my car at McDaniels (Inskeep) for rotor brakes repair. Their office closed so borrowed Harry Bard’s car to get a McDonald’s breakfast. Called David to see if I can get the printer working. When I mentioned a short cable that I didn’t know what it was he said it was adapter for Osborne executive but I found it was needed on the Osborne one to make it work. Don’t know who disconnected it in the move. Moved secretary’s and treasurer’s records from Center to Heritage Hall. But crucial 1986 records of Elections not there- need to show history of trusteeship of Heritage Preservation Endowment Fund.
Mary Rainier didn’t show up for training. Borrowed Mary’s car to come home and work on Fall Fair poster, eat, and close windows. Back at 3:00 for Cook’s Show Off committee meeting. Bake sale during Popcorn Festival on September 9th. Borrowing shop’s Chevy wagon. Home again to rest. Back in at 7 For Fall Fair committee meeting.
Called Hilda Hemmerly- Pat, John’s wife answered. Can’t make it to funeral tomorrow.