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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-08-22

Tuesday, August 22, 1989
half inch rain
Worked on Huber newsletter and entered membership info from financial reports. Picked Mary up about 12:15- she drove. Don and Fanny already seated at 1:00 when we got to funeral home. Sat with Don, Gale Zimmerman and we three only ones of Floy’s relatives I saw. But room full of neighbors and friends and Fanny’s nieces and nephews and family. Burial at Hueston Cemetery. The church for lunch. Fanny asked Mary and me to sit across from her. She much more like herself today. A real ritzy 94-year-old lady. Took some flowers to their house, including our small mixed design arrangement. Waited about an hour for Fanny to come home with two nieces. The neighbor girl will stay all night with her.
Ken Hemmerly called saying Merlin Hemmerly died in Columbus Monday. Had cancer for several years.
Estimate from Baldauf on kitchen cabinets is $4,750 for cabinets plus $600 for counter. Guess I’ll still be considering Wolohans.