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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-08-07

Monday, August 7, 1989
High 68! Alaska weather
Worked outdoors all day. Ray Foertsch here to finish staining decks and furniture. Had to go to Wollohan’s to get Olympic Redwood stain- the Sage didn’t look right over Redwood furniture. Misting rain so moved furniture into garage to stain. Stopped by time I got back with stain- $16 a gallon.
I cut down bamboo along greenhouse. Taller than greenhouse. Took Ray to Caledonia Dairy Queen so he could listen to sound in my car. Says it sounds like brake pads. Got bacon cheeseburgers, brought them home, opened chicken soup for lunch. Then started trimming forsythia bushes at lower driveway, corkscrew willow, bank above burning pit, dead branches from blue spruce, and half the weeping crab by patio. And that’s only the beginning. This place is getting to be a jungle.
Mary Ellen Kerr, Willis Nye’s neighbors called to tell me Wanda went to Riverside Hospital in Columbus Friday for heart surgery. Madge Guthrey Marshall called on answering machine. When I called back she had asked Carroll Neidhart to do her program Saturday. She and Sanford are going to New York for a week. After supper weeded more and moved greenhouse plants so table can be used on patio!