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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-08-06

Sunday, August 6, 1989
High 88
Took Prairie signs to Claridon Prairie. Some things not out as much as usual this time of year but lots of bloom. Went into Marion to get Prairie Brochures and stopped for gas and found my wallet did not have any money in it or a checkbook! The counterman said I had an honest face. I didn’t take my purse with money because it had Howard’s $10,000 check in it. Couldn’t think of anyone to borrow it from who wouldn’t be in church and then remembered Kass (Catholic goes to 4:30 Saturday mass) so borrowed $20 from her, paid for the gas, home for quick lunch back to Prairie. Bill Hutchman and Kensel Clutter each had group of about 10 and I took Beulah White and Martha Neville in my car. Charlie Evers and Telfers there so they came over to Terradise to sign the 110 thank you letters. When I gave them Howard’s gift to Purchase Fund for Heritage Hall they were flabbergasted. Spent about 2 hours planning for MCHS. Back to Marion with— [incomplete]