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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-03-29

Wednesday, March 29, 1989
The Post Office Personal Property Auction.
In at 9:00 – crowd already there. Jack Telfer & John Hickson assigned to bid for MCHS. So much surplus, no room for bidders. Almost 300 numbers issued. No lunch – bidding finished at 6:45. I bought P.O. Box doors, including 1895 Eagles. Society bought 20 room dividers, blueprint cabinet, lobby desk, slant top desk ($300), desks, chairs, display cabinets, bulletin boards, storage ox doors. Total over $3,000. Society had $1,500 from Savings acct, so I loaned $1,500 from my Romine rental account.

Home about 8:00 – completely exhausted. Ate & to bed by 9:00.

I bought Bell & Howell Microfiche reader for $5 – & printer & video screen for Northtech Computer. A guy bought the computer for the gold in it. Said about $500 worth.