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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-03-28

Tuesday, March 28, 1989
High 72
Took Howard down along waterway to see the skunk cabbage. Picked up sticks and cleaned edge of pond.
Worked on letters to Rhoda Curtis & Ruby ROgers – new reps for Reg 7. Sent copies to LHO.
worked on my income tax – collected info on phone calls for OAHSM. Got all records collected ready to go to Holbrook-Manter-Rogers. Total income about $45,000.

March 28, 1989
High 77
Berms greening, wheat growing, showers about 7:30.
Exec Committee + Charlton Myers & me with Jack Telfer to interview him for job as Executive Director of MCHS. He offers us a 20 hour week- gratis until july 1, then $6,000 a yr (to keep under Soc Sec limits) – Had a job description, resume & possible contract for our consideration. Committee voted to recommend employing him on these terms. Planned strategy for P.O. personal property auction tomorrow. Have secured the blueprints and cabinets for MCHS.

Ray Foerstch out to cut 2 hemlocks at the east, opening up the front of the house to the road. Also cut the Pfitzer Juniper at east corner of house. Put up 3 shelves in bath in my room to store current boxes of OAHSM, MCHS & Huber material.

Planned re-doing kitchen cabinets with Roy. He suggests new doors rather than stripping. He can also move cabinets over washer & dryer forward.

Supper with Mary at Perkins. David & Family & John Phillips in Washington DC today.