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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-02-03

Friday, February 3, 1989
1/2″ snow & all branches ice covered. High 25. Schools closed.
Entered renewals of MCHS – created labels for The Huber Story to distribute books to those attending tomorrow. Copy of letter from Dick Edmonson to John Schroeter confirming that Edward Taylor’s uniform is at Harding Home. Wrote to John & sent his copy of The Huber Story & 1924 Marion Excavator.

Paid bills including real estate taxes – $350 on Terradise, $50 on lots across street & $340 for Bordeaux. Finally got OAHSM individual membership list from Local History Office.

Bob Snow delivered my two tables after refinishing. Cut 1/2 in. off the walnut one daddy made & with natural finish is beautiful. Small drop leaf in rec room also good job. $212 for both.

Call in to Charlie [Evers?] to find answer from Evitts to my Jan 12 letter asking for P.O. as a gift. Need it to refute Geo Snider’s claim he could have gotten it for $1.

Call from John Schroeter, Bethesda MD with best wishes for opening of Huber Museum tomorrow. He promoised his cooperation in researching and writing book on his grandfather, Edward Huber.