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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-02-02

Thursday, February 2, 1989
Dallas for last 10 years has had highest divorce rate in nation. 12,000 divorces a year. Nationally 5.2% rate. Dallas 11% rate

Entered nit picks & printed out the official copy of OAHSM Bylaws. Inadvertently hit the printer switch then made lines closer together and finally figured out what was doing it. Couldn’t send in copy to Local History Office looking like that.
In about three with cleaning materials to clean the Layman tool chest at Huber Museum. Did find planes, drills, shoe lasts, drills – tools not stolen – thank goodness. Interior is fancy with a pin-up girl in bustle & sweeping skirt, drawers, panelling.

To Center to copy 1924 Marion Steam Shovel Newspaper again & itinerary of our trip. Took copies to shop & collected $71 check for paper I bought from shop. Got copy of November financial statement. New Dimensions sure drains Hemmerly’s profit.
Supper with Mary at Copper Kettle & while she was at missionary meeting kids tried to break in her workshop window.
John Watkins called & cautioned MCHS has to get to Kurt Moreland as he is becoming Geo. Snyder’s stooge. Geo. has said he could have gotten P.O. for $1 so often he believes it. John says U.S. Postal Service never has since they’ve run Postal Dept.
David called – sewer plugged – has to have backhoe in.