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Trella Hemmerly – 1982-12-24

Friday, December 24, 1982
High 62 – partly sunny
Asked Dave to wash my car – did a sloppy job.
Took Dave in at 9:15 – Deliveries very sparse. Kathi called – has bronchitis – temp 103.

Went to Gloria Marshall 1st time for an hr. Had first check – Lost 6 ¾ inches & 2 lbs in two weeks. Back to shop for Christmas Party. Trays of food from Kroger. Laura Goodwin’s last day. Her husband’s father invested in a flower shop in Mt. Victory for her to run.

Dave & I took 8 deliveries east & home about 2:230. He was paid $67 for 6 ½ days “jumping.”*

Back in at 4 to visit mother. She wouldn’t eat her supper. Then to Mary’s for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. She had beef & noodles, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry salad & pumpkin pie. Ken gave her a 16” gold chain & a hot air popcorn popper. She gave him a band saw & socket wrenches. They gave me a desk organizer (drawers) and an egg scrambler that scrambles and egg in the shell!

Back home Dave opened his “Mad Magazines” cartoon book & laughed all evening. Had a $25 check – C’mas cards from Shorty & Charles Wooten.

[*help with flower deliveries by jumping out of truck and going to door]