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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-12-31

Wednesday December 31st
Sorted ribbon ready for inventory. Got ribbons and candles and garage inventoried.
Cherry Cleaning everything in sight.
Beautiful 3” wet snow cleaning to everything as I drove home. Temperature 34 degrees
Mary and Ken, Mary and Carl and Bill and Erma out to see the New Year in. All enjoyed seeing Vivian’s book of Roy and Lucille Price diaries.
Served cheese and sausage crackers, fruit salad and Kathy’s cookies. Called her after midnight. Celebrating head home.
David called about 7. Sarah online to tell me she was staying up to see 1981 come in. Then she said “Well I’ll let you talk to your little boy!” Age 5 1/2.
Cleaned up kitchen after folks left at 12:45.