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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-12-28

Sunday December 28th
To David’s with Mary and Kenny in their car & my $17 in gas- left at 7in back at 7:30. Karen cooked Goose, Cauliflower soup and even had gravy for us. Apple pudding and a French yule log for dessert. Really scrumptious. They got me Peterson’s new guide in hardback- Mary got it for me in soft cover! Sarah, Josh and Jed got very little from Santa Claus except what I sent- Hutch for Sarah with dishes.
Just got settled at home and furnace made loud gurgling noises. Howard said it did in a.m. also. Opened the basement door and rec room full of steam. Howard turned off water, gas and electric. But I also called the fire department who sent five guys but nothing for them to do. Called Peacocks and they said be out tomorrow early. Temperature gauge on boiler read 240°