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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-12-22

Monday December 22nd
Up $14,000 in sales in $10,000 in receipts over same time last year!
150 deliveries went like clockwork. Got all the poinsettias wrapped. Got 25 more white mums with red poinsettias in from Murpheys.
Florists all over the country sold out of “Holiday Glow” and we are using up every globe in the shop to fill orders.
David called wondering what toys I had bought kids since he hadn’t been able to finish ones he was making. So I said I’d ship mine down by bus and they could use them for Santa Claus. To supper with Heckers and Jordans and back to shop to route. Left at 9:00
Wrote bonus checks- gave Judy $1,200- all full-time employees $225 and new and part-time employees $115. Total $4,000- none for me.
Bed at 2 a.m. received from Vivian Blackwell the book she published of her father and mother’s diaries Rocky’s sister Lucille. Their hardships were heartbreaking. Only found them after their deaths.