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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-09-26

Friday September 26th
Spent morning getting questions ready for Brenda at Manter Culp Holbrook Accounting at 3:30. Cheryl and I went down she was all apologetic for $10,000 error which was Cheryl’s to begin with but Brenda should have questioned a $10,000 adjustment to accounts receivable! I sure did.
Also gave her FTD financial management book after she foundered on the questions I asked.
Picked up program books at Big Red. Took dues and Jax to Irma Campbell. Rewrote Miriam washburn’s secretary minutes and took to her. Conference with Lil she wants off all of January to go to Florida with friends.
Tim Albright of Social Security called me to enroll me in Medicare as records show that I will be 65 in November. He took info over phone and will mail application to sign. Looks like I will have $650 to $700 a month as I won’t start collecting until at least 1982.
Gave talk to senior citizens of Timothy Lutheran Church on Philippines. They were enchanted. Held at LanJour Restaurant.