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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-09-24

Wednesday September 24th
2 hour conference with Judy and Kass about shop future. Kass would like to manage it but has six years yet that belong to her kids and doesn’t have enough background. Judy delighted with design room manager job. Told them about Chris and her ambitions. Called shop conference at 3 and told them Judy would be design manager. All pledged their cooperation. Laura disappointed, I know, but I tried to make her feel that her wedding work was important.
Found $10,000 error on June and July financial statements. In the midst of all this picked up newsletter at Big Red Q and got it in the mail by 3 p.m.
Told Jordan’s & Hecker’s about shop developments. Kenny hurt Mary again with his remarks about getting a free ride with me to Columbus Saturday instead of driving their car. Mary Jordan after they left said she wanted to tell Mary not to marry him- but didn’t- and with Bernard Brooks she told him not to marry Betty and she was wrong whatever she did! Weather in she reminisced. Called Kathi