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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-08-09

Saturday August 9th Mother 90 today
Sent mother roses from me, corsage from Kathy, silk arrangement from David. Shop sent her stationery.
Three weddings- I did Weaver in Prospect and Van Voorhees at Nazarene. Laura did Epworth.
Took sandwich to eat at mothers and went to Log Cabin to get Geneva Smith’s card table. Got three Ducks from Fair display and brought for mother to see. Took them to shop and put in pool. So cute.
Shopped for boneless cooked ham $1.49 a pound at Foodtown $17.50 for picnic tomorrow. Mrs. Jones finished cleaning about 3. Hurricane Allen lashing South Texas coast 170 mph winds.
Poison ivy still rashy.
Hot and humid- 87 degrees and 95%
Made bean salad and celery sticks
Bed at 12:15
officially hottest day of the year 94 degrees