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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-07-14

Monday July 14th
To Jazzercise with Kathi and Kris- Don’t see how Kathi keeps it up for 45 minutes. But it looks like fun. Stopped at grocery and I had breakfast when we got home. Typed letter for Ohio and we mailed it (after having three copies made) to Mother, David, Howard & Shop. Bought aluminum sulfate fertilizer 10-0-0 at Paul’s suggestion- 20 lbs $2.25 & I got silvery mist hair color.
After supper Bob, Kathi and I went to Penney’s outlet store but it sure looked like junk to me. Then to another odd lot store “Bobbies”. FAA family that is now here but was also at Fargo- Brownfield- came to visit. She is senior in accounting and raising a family.
Watched “The Caine Mutiny” and I learned the meeting of paranoid! (And understand Bob a little better)
David staying all night with Mike and not a word to Kristi about being in her room at 9:00 as she lolled on Bob’s lap.