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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-07-01

Tuesday July 1st
Kids picked tansy on way to work and after dying, sold to shop for a dollar a dozen. But I made them rent sniff to pay for dye to show that not all is profit.
Carrozza called to say I got the house. Other people couldn’t get VA loan at 10.5%. To Home Federal to apply. I will have to pay 12.5% interest since I won’t live in it. Have to fill out financial statement and get insurance. Find my assets are $465,000 and liabilities $27,000 balance due on 2 rental houses.
Mary Page in saying she “wants to quit”- I calmed her down. Doesn’t like people talking about other people and Kristi upset because I criticized arrangement she made. Dinner at Ponderosa with Mary and Kenny kids eat free hamburger and french fries. Then kids and I to Crum’s and picked 5 quarts strawberries $3.
Call David we have no mutual free time before I go to Reno