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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-06-22

Sunday June 22nd
Cleaned 5 quarts strawberries, fixed baked beans, lemonade, iced tea. Set up tables under the Big Oak- served Howard apple pie, ice cream and cheese for lunch. Left at 1:25 for Jim Hill’s place at far Northwest part of Marion County “Irmac Hills” for Camera Club outing. Has had 50 acres along by Tymochtee River only a year. Built quarter mile road- set in mobile home. Built barn- cleared and mowed. Really delightful and he’s a kid with a new toy. Only stayed an hour and hated to leave the guys who came. Picked up mock chicken, relish plate and potato salad and cheese plate from Geneva Brewer $45 and Zacharias furnished meat! Picked mother up and got back to Terradise before the guests. About 30 here but not Mattimores- Garvericks- Linstedts- Tonya. Played croquet- guess your weight (on my scales that weigh 6 pounds heavy!) Boggle. Gave silly prizes. Left by nine. Watched Romeo and Juliet on TV.