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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-05-25

Sunday May 25th
2 Robins filling nest and spilling over when I was at the pond a.m. Down with Paris and Helen about 6:00- gone from nest. This is the day I should have spent watching them. Into pond? Swam out? Turtles got them? Flew to bank?
Gardened a.m. Cut off ugly tulips by pond, set out lobelias by Iris bed, planted more Kerria that Lela Brookshire brought out and found that by road doing well from last fall planting.
Wheedled Howard into putting up rod above bay window. Cut off curtains to make a valance, pinned and hemmed. Made meatloaf and baked green beans for supper and for meals while Kathi is here. Howard mowed lower woods even though we had 1” rain yesterday about 3:30 on top of 1” early Saturday morning
Called David’s about 7. Having dinner. Bob drove kathi, Kristi & Dave to Memphis to visit his folks. No wonder I got no answer yesterday for this am. Kathi had arrived in Cincinnati on schedule about 4:00.