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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-04-24

Thursday April 24th
Karen and kids left for Columbus right after breakfast. Linda visiting so they went to visit Eric. David had a typewritten proposal ready showing how he could manage Hemmerly’s by commuting in company own airplane between Marion and Cincinnati. Even had a 10:00 flight scheduled to show me a plane! I would not go! Showed him how he could commute with two trips a week. He made $10,000 last year at Market & about $4,000 playing so has to do something to support his family. I had offered him $20,000 to manage Hemmerly’s but not on a part-time basis!
Went to Cincinnati Nature Center and hiked down to River and back up. My mind not really on nature!
Stopped at Swallen’s and used all my cash to buy film and then realized I had no credit cards to buy gas. Back to David’s he not home so asked Motzers to cash check for $10. Home about 6:00.