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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-04-03

Thursday April 3rd
Still slow on orders although showroom was busy. Sent Azalea to Kathy and Bob and Kathy called me about 6 to thank. Tal Burkett at home Federal called to suggest that we roll over the Keogh funds to an IRA fund to avoid custodial fees. Went to Home Federal Savings and Loan and signed necessary papers. Routed for tomorrow after everyone left at 6. Picked up chili to take home. Bought three rolls Polaroid film for Mary’s birthday tomorrow. Didn’t go to Quest Club as Carroll Neidhart was speaking and I was tired.
Figured the income on retirement in 1981. $6,000 from $33,000 and $6,000 IRA and $10,000 IDS Annuity using interest-only. $6,000 Social Security tax free- $4,000 from rents- $5,000 salary from Hemmerly’s- $5,000 dividends and $2,000 interest on deposits. Which is just what I draw in salary. Now pay $10,000 income and Social Security tax so we’ll actually have $5,000 a year more spendable income.