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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-03-15

Saturday March 15th
Wilda, Jackye and I left the ranch in Jackye’s new Cadillac at 6 just getting daylight. At California line 105 Mi at 8 breakfast at Blythe & by 10:00 at my 180 could see Mt. Jacinto and Bear Mountain snow covered. At 10:14 off I-10 on Route 111 to Indio. Stopped at Neel’s Nursery in Palm Springs. Beautiful layout and I couldn’t resist a 12-inch clay pot at $3.50 for Aunt Ruth. Got marigolds to put in it. Got Kalenchoes & Violet’s for Jackye and Wilda and two small clay pots for me. At Hadley’s at 12:00- Mile 240 and used my $100 bill from News Life to buy dates, nuts, mints, trail mix- two big bags of stuff! Wind strong through the pass before Hadleys and sand blowing. Mts. gloriously green. Jackye negotiated freeways easily and at Mile 307 turned on 17th Street in Santa Ana. Arrived Uncle Allen’s at 2:20-1:20 their time. He showed Jackye & Wilda music boxes and player piano and took them to shop with his Edison machines, collection of sheet music, morning glory horns, etc. They left about 4:15 after Aunt Ruth’s snack. Helen came before they left and stayed for supper. We talked and talked before bed about 10.