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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-03-09

Sunday March 9th
Jackye had pancakes, bacon and fresh orange juice with oranges and tangerines that Bill and Bob picked. The girls put on their leotards and entertained us with gymnastics on their front lawn. Bob, Dave and I walked out looking for “Little Grand Canyon” & joined Kathi at the Saguaro for pictures. They hated to leave “Camelot”- Kathi said she felt like she was visiting the Ewings of “Dallas” TV family. After they got to Walt’s about 3:30 Kathi called saying her film hadn’t been winding so she had no pictures.
Jackye, Ramie and friend Frask and I went to the “Little Grand Canyon” to see coyotes den. Missed it AM by only 100 feet. To bed early.
Went to the calf roping on Constellation Drive. A team tries to rope a calf over the head and by the two hind legs- draw the rope tight and face each other in 30 seconds. Not many could but Jackye says the rodeo riders start in contests like these. Kermit was helping herd the calves.