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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-02-28

Thursday February 28th
About one inch of snow so Dorotha Davis called and said she didn’t want to go to Columbus. We had planned to go to Ohio Historical Society genealogy room and research the Stokely and Hurlbut lines. Decided I would work on genealogy at home and did until 2 when Nel called saying a cousin was at the shop. It was Delphos Goff that Uncle Allen had exchanged info with. He and wife Jean came right out with his just-published “Our Children’s Ancestors”. The first page I turned to took the Hurlbuts back another three generations! Is delightful and I like his numbering system. You double each number to find the next previous-generation, add one to get a wife’s number. He is Lucy Sheneman’s Aunt Bashabe’s grandson. Mother played with his mother Mamie when they were little girls. But he has never met mother or Uncle Allen. They live in West Mansfield. We visited about 2 hours.
Nel called again to tell me I had won $100 on News Life contest “Why Do People Read News Life?” and a percent with your choice. I chose personality stories- 23%
Wrote to Uncle Allen and Wilda.