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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-01-29

Tuesday January 29th
Waffles for breakfast as the Brattons have them every other morning. Peeled papaya that Carl gave me just ripe nicely and so good. Wrote letters to Marjorie, Reigers and Buss Hinklins and cards to Jordan’s, Romines, the shop. Lazy day. Lil called Opal Setterfield Stockman and I tried to call Stafford’s. Viv unloaded the late Empire chest and David and we loaded it with the help of the Berea College representative who happened to buy lunch on the patio again.
Kass called saying Chris is quitting at the end of the week to take job with Recreation Department Crafts in Peacocks got the furnace in Freddy head Merchants Avenue.
About 3:30 headed for Tampa across the I-75 8 Mile Bridge. Shop in the mall at the end of it but $10 pink pants to go with blouse I bought yesterday and dress shoes $31. 8th at Piccadilly cafeteria. Play Boggle and hearts after we got home. David won.
Loaded the Late Empire chest that was in house where Bratton’s bought it. A $300 and Viv will buy a breakfront.