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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-01-19

Saturday January 19th
Slept until 8:30. Breakfast in apartment. Worked on pay raise schedule in sun on balcony. Typed three pages about trip for mother and Howard. Mary Emily called to see if I was okay. Walked over to beach about 2 and walked up as far is Bahia Mar about a mile. Found a few rocks marking the inlet of 1926. Watched sailboat and waded in waves. Guess I got a little tanned. Back to apartment by 4 and 5 went for a drive to Las Olas Boulevard. Past Southside School and our Brickell Avenue house. Only house left in a commercial area. No sign of old jail where we went during hurricane. It’s a parking lot for [illegible] downtown area still vacant and Andrews Avenue closed at river for new bridge. But the new Historical Society is impressive. Back at 6:15 and Mary Emily called at 6:30 and we went out for dinner at The Sizzler. If that was a medium steak a rare one would still be walking. Watched Queen Mary 2* and two other cruise ships in and out of port at various times today.

*Probably QE2 since QM2 not launched until March 21, 2003