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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-01-06

Sunday January 6th
Used my food processor to make whole wheat bread and rolls. Also made an apple pie. Crust is so short I couldn’t roll it. Broiled filet mignon from Belli wholesalers.
Worked on ancestor sheets ready to send in for the Marion County genealogical Society book. Called Hazel Augustine to ask about first families of Ohio. Found that membership in Ohio genealogical Society is mandatory so send in my membership. I believe at least 15 of my ancestors were here by 1820 the qualifying date. Peter and Sarah Zimmerman, John, Catherine and Samuel Baker, William II and William III, Ruth Mason, Elizabeth Stokely, Hildreth, Henry and Julie Sheneman, Thomas and question mark Bickel oh, and possibly William and Lucy Arnold Riley. David and Abigail Stokely, Benoni Hurlbut.