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Trella Hemmerly – 1945-02-02

Friday, February 2, 1945
Awakened at 5:10 by aide with bed pan. Fell like I really had a pretty good night’s sleep. Wash water then – first since this time yesterday as no aides showed up on afternoon shioft yesterday so we didn’t get anything. I stretched that pace of water too because 3 women delivered since 2 P.M. yesterday & 4 more are in labor room. David in at 6:05 & Kelly said he is avery good baby – she hopes he’s as good when we get him home. I went to sleep again about 6:35 after they took him back & hardly woke even when Middlemiss gave Mrs. Issler a bath. She delivered about 7:15 last night & the aide had just finished makeing Vonnie’s bed about 6:45. Vonnie & Pamela left at 3:45 & it sure was lonesome in here until someone came in again. No Private Room for me! As long as you have a roommate as much fun as Vonnie anyway.
I also was barely awake when Alice (aide) took my temperature & pulse, but did come to when breakfast came in at 8:00. It was snowing out some some then sun came out later in the morning. Has shone nearly every day I’ve been here although the temperature high has been 15 and the low 4.
Brushed my hair & did it in 2 braids. Have found that easier than one because I can [illegible] from the sides. Then an enema & I really cleaned out. Feel much better. And wonder of wonders Middlemiss brought me wash water & even did my back for me. And the clean linens felt grand. Then David in for his snack all clean from a bath – & filled his pants after he finished eating!
Just got my bed jacket on and started on my face when Dr. Morgan came in. Told him I felt swell. He said I could get up for a while a week from today & could stay up all day a week from Sunday. No steps for two more weeks.
Finished my makeup & put on nail polish & it was lunchtime. Caught up on this then & am wondering if Wally will be down – he has short lunch hour & whether he or the bed pan will make it first.

Wally, Alice Haldeman, Mr. Hoch, Mother, Ruth
at home: Daddy, Lewis, Grandma Sheneman