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Trella Hemmerly – 1938-06-18

Saturday June 18th 1938
[Trella note: my memories of the day 45 years later]
Wally and I went to Uncle Allen’s to pick up the Delphinium and Roses he had ready for us to decorate Trinity Baptist Church and made the bouquets and place them.
The wedding was at 2:30. I dressed at home and took a good look at the green and yellow room where I finished growing up. Daddy and I arrived at the church as Mrs. Roberts was playing “Oh! Sweet Mystery of Life”. Church was full- surprised to see E. Paul Bachman on back chair. Learned later he came to see who Walt was marrying as he had seen him with Mary so much. Halfway down the aisle (by myself- daddy wouldn’t give me away) I realized I wasn’t wearing the gold cross with Lord’s Prayer that Walt gave me! Put it on the minute I got home for the reception. Had receiving line at the church and everyone waited outside to throw rice as we came out. Reception in yard at 229 East Fairground. Scott Baker baked the cake. I said “he wished for us everything we wished for ourselves.” Mother pinned her gardenia corsage on me and Walt and I left in Daddy’s car with gang following us. They gave up beyond Galion not knowing we were only going to Mansfield for dinner. I had cantaloupe with ice cream in center for dessert then we headed back to 552 North Greenwood Street to spend our first night in our new home.
Daddy, mother, Mary and Aunt Sylvia came over Sunday morning to see us off for trip to Pennsylvania and Daddy brought our wedding certificate for us to take along. He wanted us to be able to prove we were married! I never remember seeing the certificate again.

[no entries the rest of 1938]