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Trella Hemmerly – 1938-01-22

Saturday January 22 1938
Washed things this morning. About 2:00 Mary & I started up town on foot to meet Walt. Born girls picked us up. Went to Architect Rayburn’s office and found him there. Have to have 3 sets of blueprints for him. Fee $50 but I think it’s worth it. He’ll see about all the little things that have been bothering me. Down to Schaffner to see about a second hand electric stove and incidentally saw a Bendix washer demonstrated. Marvelous- Don’t touch clothes from the time they’re put in until they come out ready to hang up. Out to Bropst [probably Probst] to see stove. Nice but no base or cooker. Bob at our house for supper. Mr. Kidd, contractor, brought labor, excavating, basement, chimney bids up. About $100 more than we figured. Down to Hospital to see Mary [Burtch Johnston and baby Bob]