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Trella Hemmerly – 1935-12-24

Tuesday December 24th 1935
I was so afraid I wasn’t going to get off at 1 but feel he even sent Heine to take me to the bus station so I could make the one bus. Walked home from station. Home about 3:15 weather piled up with a dizzy spell. Stuffed dates.
Christmas caroling with BY bunch awfully cold but fun. Several treats. Home at 10:00 and opened pkgs.. Daddy stationary, sander, garden book, weather house, hose, games. Walt bathrobe, shaving set, shirt, game, socks. Mary robe, gloves, PJ’s, slip, cosmetics, dansette,slip, snuggies, smock, stationery. Mother dishes, scarf, trays, toaster. Me redo Walt black PJ’s, candy, shoe rack, hot dish pads, smock, instant pine, kid gloves, cosmetics, slip, [illegible]